Representing the Maritime Industry and Recreational Power Boaters and Sailors

If you have a heart condition, you’d go to a heart specialist. If you have a marine-related claim, problem or opportunity, it’s vital to choose an Admiralty and Maritime Attorney. For over 30 years, Tom Schodowski has counseled commercial marine interests, power boaters, and sailors in matters of personal injury, wrongful death, cargo disputes, charter-parties, maritime liens, salvage, collisions, and other maritime torts and actions. Whether you’re a commercial maritime business or a recreational boater or sailor, he has the broad knowledge and experience to zealously represent your interests and achieve your objectives: protect your rights and assets in the maritime legal arena.

Tom’s nautical training,
at-sea experience and
maritime commercial
knowledge, combined with
his extensive experience
in maritime litigation and
make him the
only logical choice for
settling your maritime
legal dispute.

Why Attorney Thomas M. Schodowski?

  • He is not just an attorney who also happens to do maritime law, he is one of a small handful of lawyers who intentionally directs his practice only to matters of admiralty and maritime concern.
  • As a Proctor in Admiralty, he only takes on cases that concern maritime causes of action or marine transport and trade.
  • His firm is not a big, impersonal law firm. It is a very personal maritime legal boutique maintaining the best traditions of the past: Your case will not be jobbed-out to a lower-level inexperienced attorney.
  • Every case will be attended to by Tom personally and will receive his dedicated focus and exacting attention to detail.
  • Your case will benefit not only from his years of experience as an Admiralty and Maritime attorney, but also from his experience as a mariner, a marine engineer, a shipping industry professional and a sailing instructor.
  • Tom knows the special needs and concerns of those whose livelihood traverse the oceans and waterways of the world, as well as those who enjoy it for recreation.

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March 6, 2015